“Makuko” English-subbed Official Teaser

"Makuko" English-subbed Official Teaser

Directed by Keiko Tsuruoka (The Town of Whales)

Fifth grader Satoshi’s parents run the Akatsukikan inn in a small hot spring resort town. On his way home from school, Satoshi is suddenly asked “Are you a child?” by Kozue, a beautiful young girl he’s never met before.
The next day, Kozue joins Satoshi’s class. His classmates are excited, having never seen such a beauty in their town before.
Kozue follows Satoshi everywhere he goes. Everything fascinates her, and she likes nothing better than gathering up fallen leaves, then scattering them in the air. Bewildered by Kozue at first, Satoshi gradually becomes charmed by her purity and innocence. Then she reveals a big secret to him.

© 2019 “Makuko” Film Partners/ Kanako Nishi (Fukuinkan Shoten Publishers, Inc.)